Arianna Huffington is here promoting her new book, I see. She speaks of 'VIGOROUS DISCUSSION' yet will NOT ALLOW it on her blog, Huffington Post. A place where most days each comment must be vetted by a thuggish censor before it appears, rendering conversation impossible, as this process can take hours. On the days that the vetting system is broken, conversation flows.

If Arianna wants vigorous discussion, I am sure she goes elsewhere............such as BigThink, as most commentators at her site are trained to echo her POV.

Her site is one of horrific technical problems; excessive censorship; purging of posts that do not reflect her POV; or are deemed off-topic; and where all posts past and present are purged for minor infractions.


LOOK, there is a revolution brewing at Huffington as many long time bloggers are being abused and anger is rising. Coyote was there 3 years ago when Huffy first started up:

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The only way to combat cowards is to call them out.

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