Is it time yet for us to hope? As wisdom and technology become universally accessable (digital divide closed) are we ready to individualize and guarantee educational passage for children in the name of public education and democratic opportunity? Has anyone considered the public-private funding of an electronic portfolio system for each child beginning at three years of age and continuing into professional years, contributions to include best work, measured growth, critiqued and competed for original/creative/mastery-assessed learning, streamed arts, holistic, relational and community development, year-round learning with private and family education pieces. The system would guarantee each child the passage forward when goals are met or exceeded (and no one will be allowed to fail only  better educated and counseled and connected-passions may be followed, talents may lead the intellect- goals and benchmarks and assessment tools would be created to help in all selected areas of learning. Learning how to self-assess is most important) with whatever funding is required for continued study and advancement. The greater the successes the greater the funding possibilities. Perhaps when each/every child with will to be educated is reconnected to and made personally responsible for a realizable American dream.we will have our country back.Are we ready to bet public and private funds on the individual children regardless of the institutions they attend? All institutional learning would have to do is facilitate individual goals and meet increasingly global standards. The gap between haves and have-nots might one day disappear. Are we there yet?