Whenever I have time to spare while traveling through the Times Square subway station, I make an attempt at a discussion with one of the born again proselytizers that seem to have taken up residence there. I make a point of not directly offending any of their beliefs while slowly scrutinizing the basis for those beliefs. In two of the three conversations which lasted over 10 minutes (of which they all lasted over an hour), the proselytizers freely divulged that they not only spoke to God, but God spoke directly to them in their head. I did not ask if they spoke to God, they simply offered it as evidence to the veracity of their beliefs. While the Bible does describe this as a manner in which God speaks to humans, we now understand this phenomenon as schizophrenia. Regardless of whether their schizophrenic nature led them to being born again or the process of being born again somehow induced the symptoms, they are now not only without treatment but are surrounded by a group which actively encourages them to interact with the disembodied voice. Though certainly not indicative of the overall born again population (I hope), the fact that we can collectively turn a blind eye to a cult which takes advantage of mentally unfit followers in such a blatant fashion is nothing short of shameful. Considering our laws regarding the freedom of religion, is there anything we could do about this?