Just to tell you, the word infinite is said a lot in this in this topic.

If I were to create something that is capable of doing whatever it wanted and I could do whatever I wanted, that is an infinite amount of infinites right?

Christians did your God of all knowing (infinite) create us?  People with free-will (an infinite amount of choices to anything) were created by an infinite weren't they?

If everything was infinite then wouldn't everything be the same?  What if our free will evolves in to a higher spirituality, and we are capable of imagining things and they become an illusion in your world, an infinite amount of things that you can imagine...

You see this God that all the religions are talking about is just an infinite who created us humans that are capable of the infinite, but we aren't infinite just yet so we are a finite version of this infinite.  There is an infinite amount of earths out there with different finite versions of history going on.  One where Adolf Hitler became an artist instead of became the leader of Nazi Germany.  One where the Cuban Missile Crisis actually had a nuke go off.

But back to this infiniteness, if everything ever created is capable or already of being infinite wouldn't that mean that everything at it's core is the same?  Everything is actually one thing?  That is what intelligent infinity really is.  Once you can understand that then you can see the world like I do, instead of always disagreeing with my comments maybe you can understand the Law of One for once and know why I am saying these things.  And if you read this and still want to put me down for my beliefs then I am all for it.  I know that skeptical feeling you can get, I perfectly understand that.

So I hope this can clear some things up for you guys that don't understand what I'm talking about most of the time.