Remember that for the world's 13.2 million Jews, Jesus has not yet come to earth in physical form. While they wait it out and celebrate Passover this week, Jews, and everyone else, might reflect on the words of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, author of 'Shalom in the Home', who spoke to Big Think last year about the two religious currents in America.

"There's two kinds of religions. One is religion is an all-or-nothing sum game. Either you're religious or not. 'If you're gay, to hell with you. If you'd had an abortion, to hell you you. You don't believe what I believe, to hell with you.' Well, that's pretty damn intolerant and that's an abomination before God.

The other kind of religion is where you say religion is a collection ideas and principles and practices to make us into godly people, and even if you don't keep all of them, well, keep some of them. So you may be doing things that I don't believe in because of my religion, but you're doing other things that I can really respect and applaud. That's not what we're hearing in American today. We're hearing because you are X, therefore I have to reject you in your entirety. If we can get away from that, the future of religion will not only be bright in America, but it will really illuminate so many peoples lives, even the lives of so many secular people"