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GMC Yukon XL Denali - Design/Fit and Finish The cabin certainly looks luxurious, with its wood-tone and metallic accents and padded door inserts. As with the exterior, build quality is solid. The only misstep here is the use of hard plastic for the dash top instead of soft-touch material, though you may only notice that if you tap it, since the graining neatly matches the other surfaces surrounding it.(American Pro Moving & Storage : Sunday 07 January 2007) Audi A5 - Performance In real-world driving, we found that the A5's direct-injected V6 delivers an appropriately stern kick when called upon, particularly at higher speeds. However, the tri-mode transmission on our tester didn't feel quite ready for prime time — upshifts and downshifts alike were sporadically clunky even in normal Drive mode, while selecting Sport made matters worse. Furthermore, although gearchanges were exceptionally swift in Manual mode, full-throttle upshifts at redline would sometimes elicit a perceptible jolt. At least the manual mode's automatic rev-matching feature guaranteed smooth downshifts on demand. American Pro Moving & Storage Company - Dodge Dakota Crew Cab Laramie - PerformanceSince the Dakota is the only midsize pickup to sport a V8, it offers class-leading horsepower and towing capacity. It's got 302 horses under the hood and can tow up to 7,050 pounds when properly equipped, as our Laramie tester was. Not surprisingly, power is quite abundant, pulling hard early and often with an ample 329 pound-feet of torque on tap. At our test track, the 4x4 Dakota went from zero to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds. With less equipment and rear-wheel drive, it would have been even quicker. (American Pro Moving And Storage : Sunday 18 January 2009) American Pro Moving And Storage Company American Pro Moving And Storage Company American Pro Moving Company