My Political Philosophy  

            "Conservative have lost their damn minds. Liberals have lost their damn minds. If you make up your mind about an issue, before you hear the issue, you are an idiot." Chris Rock. Chris Rock isn't a politician; he is a comedian, but he best sums up my ideology. The primary problem in our culture of politics is the two-party system, which forces one to have to be "political" even if their individual ideologies on an issue are separate from their party's beliefs. It seems with the plethora of issues facing Americans today that just a Democrat/liberal or Republican/conservative ideology is wrong from its oversimplification. I have personally resigned myself to be called a "liberal republican terrorist". I have resigned myself to such a distasteful label so as to denigrate personal attacks on me. This negative labeling arises from our current system of politics perpetuated by both parties. Instead of talking about issues the American public resorts to labels and the more we can convince the voting public of our opponent's "negative" label, the less Americans have to talk about real issues. Since I would rather talk about issues, I will strictly state my views on issues and then what our current political system would label them. I will then explain some of the reasons why I have these views.

            I believe that "all" the world's people have certain unalienable rights. (Conventional Liberal viewpoint) I believe that our current tax system is incorrectly implementing a weak form of socialism and that we need a flat tax system, coupled with a 3% national sales tax, of which there are NO TAX EXCEPTIONS. (Conservative Ideology) I believe in fiscal accountability and believe that it is the federal government's job to balance the budget at any cost. (Conservative) I believe in legislation like Affirmative Action that considers minority rights. (Liberal) I believe abortion is murder. (Conservative) I believe we should ban public prayer in school. (Liberal)  I believe in the death penalty. (Conservative) I believe homosexuals have a constitutional right to marry (Liberal) In regards to National Defense, I agree with Teddy Roosevelt; America should "Walk quietly but carry a big stick." (Hopefully non-partisan) There are numerous other issues, to which I feel a certain affinity; however, in the interest of getting everyone to disagree with at least one point I make, I believe I created a statistical certainty by now.

             Moving through the list of political views listed above, the entire world's populations have certain unalienable rights. I don't believe this can still be debated in a "so-called" civilized country. The reports, where it is widely known, that former US decisions were based upon our simple comfort and not the well being of the world sicken me as an American. This goes back to the dawn of our society with slavery and the treatment of Native Americans, up to our current corporations that exploit cheap labor in third world nations. It is against American values to overthrow democratically elected presidents and insert dictators that benefit our economic interests. And it is wrong to go to war "for oil" (This is a position that is common knowledge and was cited by Professor Tarkanian) Therefore, be it resolved, that if the US government can't treat third world nations with the same treatment it would treat its own population the US government and its corporations need to abandon these nations.        

            Turning elsewhere, our current tax system is unworkable. The tax codes that change yearly perpetuate a feeling that the rich don't pay taxes and the poor don't pay taxes. This creates what Bill O'Reilly claims: "50% of the US population piggybacking on the other 50% of the US states population". I do understand the liberal position that a flat tax doesn't work because a family generating $20,000 a year that must pay $2,000 of needed income for survival is not the same as a family earning $200,000 paying $20,000 when that money isn't needed for survival. I offset this concern with a national sales tax where the $180,000 of income still is put back in the economy with its purchasing power. Again, this system only works WITH NO TAX EXEMPTIONS.

            To balance the budget at any cost should be the concern of both parties. Unfortunately, it is a political minefield loaded with and intertwined with a plethora of other issues that make it immensely difficult to establish and discern amidst the political propaganda that is thrown out on both sides. Common sense, however, should dictate this most basic of needs. Just because we don't pay now doesn't mean we don't pay later and as Jon Stewart reported: Currently every INDIVIDUAL American would need to pay $10,000 to pay off our HUGE National debt. This would make me liable for $20,000 as it includes ALL individuals even my three-year old daughter. Why this problem persists is the people who will pay this huge burden can't vote, and the programs that would need to be cut to pay it now, affect people who currently can vote. This selfish indulgence needs to stop now, lest we wind up in the hands of a foreign government.

            Affirmative action is a sadly needed social necessity. The percentages and norms that affirmative actions attempt to legislate is only the reflection of the population's ratios in each particular society. Hence, it isn't as most conservatives would like you to believe, reverse racism. It is saying you are a racist society if you can't meet that society's level of employment for its entire citizen's. Meaning, affirmative action isn't asking a population in Wyoming to hire 20% of minority workers, it is saying whatever percentage of minorities are in the area deserve to be working in proportion to its populations in all levels of the workforce. Therefore, until all levels of employment are accurately reflected in a nation's entire workforce, programs like affirmative action are needed.

            Abortion is a highly emotional and debatable issue. However, the side of abortion you are on is usually determined on how you define life. This definition requires all areas of intellectual thought, however, in a political system you must give all of its citizen's equal rights and an unborn is still a life. I define life as: a future's unlimited possibilities and therefore, if you take that possibility away from a person you are murdering that person.  

            In order to correctly implement a separation of church and state we must eliminate prayer in public school. We must educate our children on all aspects of beliefs. Hence, I believe in teaching evolution and creationism within the full elements of facts on both sides. However, we violate others rights when we force action on another. My daughter has the right to go to school without some religious zealot telling her to pray. I will not force my religious beliefs on her, despite those beliefs being a very important part of my own life. I will encourage her to study all religions and make personal decisions however her individual person wants. The School systems eliminate this decision making process with any indoctrination that the action of prayer creates.

            The death penalty needs to be enacted for all murderers in the first degree and pedophiles who are convicted of crimes against children twelve and younger. This is the most basic of justice. One, who can't function in a society and victimizes innocents in a society with individual decisions, should be eliminated from the society. You can't simply lock them up and throw away the key, because their crimes are so heinous their every living breathe could offend the victims families. One needs to think more of victim's rights instead of victimizer rights in regards to this issue.

            Homosexual marriage has been debated ad nauseum; however, there is one other aspect to this issue that I don't believe gets adequately covered. If the reader assumes that there are some cases of genetic disposition to homosexual behavior then one needs to teach and give such individuals the same rights other minority cultures have. This is because of a very dangerous element of homosexuals that are living "in the closet" this has destroyed numerous heterosexual relationships. If we have a society that demonizes or sweeps under the rug homosexual relationships we create a society of people who "want" to be like the norm and attempt heterosexual relationships like the now infamous former New Jersey Governor did. No societal pressure could make one who is heterosexual, homosexual and therefore, no one needs to worry about "exposing" their children to the very real fact of homosexuals. The only way this isn't a taboo issue is if homosexuals are given the right to marry like others, unabashedly.

            "Walk quietly, but carry a big stick." (Roosevelt). I Love America. I Love that I can find faults in it, I love that I have the freedom to display my disapproval of some of my country's policies. Hitler would have denied this freedom, and other extremists would also love to take that right away, by any means necessary. Therefore, I believe in a government that has a national defense that can protect itself against any attack.

            Some of my views, Republicans would love to label "bleeding heart Liberalism". Other positions would have the Liberal base calling me a heartless Republican. What I am is an American, and I have the duty to read and educate myself and express myself, not in either of the facile political spectrums that our current society wants to perpetuate; but rather as an individual who studies, reads and only votes after he hears the candidates debate. All of these issues could be isolated, further but I just wanted to get you guys started with things to disagree with.        


What are your opinions... thoughts, lets get some debates going k... Smile always.