For all to ponder... 

Gloom velveted the inner thought
Of Man, burrowing deep in a foul stench mine,
As this darken cold sanctuary taught
The fragile human spirit to mark time.
Bitter ends make mere mortals scream
As masses heed the sacrifice
(In new birth pain extreme)
Of fallen souls burning in the pits of the Anti-Christ.
Gaseous clouds loom for a destined spark
To ignite an awaiting Underworld’s fury,
Casting wayward spirits an evil mark,
Foretelling an angry verdict by an unforgiving jury.
“Dig! Dig! Dig Deeper!”
Shouts a lone deformed being of ominous sight...
Lucifer’s chosen fiery gatekeeper.
“No rest for the wicked in mortal plight...
Work the flesh till boned!”
As we mortals seem to need
To be atoned
For the sins of an inhuman evil seed.

Like falling leaves,
So goes the ending of life.
We relish the time spent
With those we cherished in this mortal realm...
With those we grew up with...
With those who taught us
To respect and honor that
Which inhabits this earthly domain.
But, as human action often dictates,
We choose to forget as we mature,
Being sincerely involved
With our own little niche’
We’ve carved out in this turbulent world.
Like falling leaves,
So goes the ending of life.
Bare branches are it’s former self,
Shaking in the cold northern wind of time.
Slowly and methodically, decaying
Before our very eyes
As the essence of life dies.