I agree with Ms. Strossen's assertion that the US is squandering presumed moral authority by abusing the rule of law in its "War on Terror". Some may question if the US has any moral authority at all, having prosecuted a war of agression with grave human consequenses.

Ms. Strossen seemed eager to proslytize for the rule of law, but it seems Americans have turned a deaf ear to that well established legal doctrine. The loss of habeus corpus as a legal principle in US law is a moral failure of the first order, yet many Americans are ignorant of the meaning of these events and, disturbingly, many approve of legal abuses in the name of national security.

The US prison in Cuba has no legal foundation and the extra-legal processes performed by the military there show US government contempt for the rule of law. The "trial" processes have been found to lack legal basis at every turn. The implication that "convictions" of prisoners at Guantanamo would somehow bolster even the idea of the rule of law is ludicrous.

I hope that more US citizens become educated on the meaning of 'the rule of law' and praise Ms. Strossen's effort.