Lately, in the past year, I have really been annoyed by the way our societies have become. Its all over the media. Its all in our homes. We have gossip, fashion, credit cards, women, casinos. Has it really gotten this bad? Is our human race really trying to make itself look this ignorant? Maybe its just an opinon i have to myself. But i really think that I speak for all the intelligent human beings out there. I feel like I am surrounded by stupid trends. People have to be democrat, they have to be republican. They have to have these jeans, they have to have this car. Its so fcking stupid. Now that we, as human beings are free from the hardships of caste system society and we actually have a choice of what we want to do and who we want be, and people actually see it as an obligation. They choose to get messed up and be stupid and drop out of scool and do meth. What the fck!!!???. You have been gifted lungs, heart, and CPU. You BETTER USE THAT FCKIN SHT GD DMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!