People have spirit, there is no doubt about that. Everyone, even atheists, have had experiences in which they feel some sort of connection to the world around them, be it through scientific ideas, nature, or God. My personal belief is that what the religious call God is this universal conciousness that everyone is aware of on some level. But even to those who don't agree with me on that point, it can still fit within their belief system. I'll take christianity as an example because I'm more familiar with its teachings than anything else.  Christians believe that God loves everyone and reaches out to everyone to bring them to Him.  If God is the omnipotent being he is reputed to be, why could he not be reaching out to me in a way that I am willing to accept, even in my skepticism? If He wanted me to follow the christian, muslim, buddhist, hindi, etc... church, he would guide me to them. But I can connect with him most effectively in the way that I started to describe above. Who then, can tell me that my path is wrong, when I think your God has led me to it himself?  I think the God of every religion and non-religion is proven all the more powerful when he can come to us on a personal level and know what we need and provide it.