to a greater or lesser degree... It seems obvious when you analyse what claims the faithful have to accept with absolutely no evidence to back them up. It seems that if the brainwashing is subtle enough, in an environment where tacit support is ubiquitous, then not even the blessed washed are aware of how clean their cereberal cortex sparkles.

 This begs the question, can every brain be washed, or only particular brains? Why are some brains more succeptible than others?  Psychologists have commented on the link to hypnosis in the techniques of the faith healers of the world, and many preachers use the same tools.... ritual, repetiton, cadence, lighting, music... to create an environment where fanciful leaps of logic are accepted without question. How do thinking people disable so successfully that part of their brain where critical thinking would see the inherent paradox in every religious model known? It's a powerful, remarkable and frustrating phenomena. I think neuroscience will eventually answer all of the above.... but will we then vaccinate against the 'god' gene? If we object to other delusions and irrationalities then I hope we do.