The first time to play the aion at the last year, at that time I was very sad, because I did not get the good skills , so every day I was very look forward to the former players to know the skills of playing the game, by my effort, in the end, I got some skills, I was very happy. Played the aion already had some time; I felt that the aion the most attractive has beautiful things. Between the players the interaction was very strong, also maybe I was very like to play this game, but I felt that this game was different from other online games, play other game I often felt had some monotonous, the aion can let you when you with your friends together to upgrade, and then you can brush the aion gold, at the same time you also can chatted with each other. In fact I think in the game the most important was not the aion online gold or the upgrade, in my mind play with friends and get more friendship were the most important. Although in the game if you have enough aion money you can do many things and had a high level, but I think play the game not only upgrade, in the game you can find many interesting things, if you make your effort to found.In the aion I think that the tasks are very good, in fact some people said that the interval time was long, can not do it with the friends, but we can think, in fact when we do the tasks we can made many friends, now I had some good friends, we met in the each tasks. We often together to discuss how to buy aion gold, although in our mind, we all know that it was not important, but in the game if you did not have enough, we will died by another stronger players, so in order to become stronger, we must had some. The effect of weapons, I think this is the most attractive places in the aion; I only like this, do you know that when you get new equipment then your heart was very happy, it can let you save some cheap aion gold also can let you save some money.I think I played this game for a long time the most reason was that the game friends, if there does not have them, I think I will gave up this game long before, so I hope all players remember that at any online games the friends was the most important.