I do not know why, that recently a touch of sadness in the hearts and concentrated more and more lonely, the firm had to move forward in my confused, sad that more and more obvious that more and more unbearable people, always at night, a man quietly staring at the phone screen, in a daze, tears, and then in a daze, tears, so repeatedly, no words to break. So I miss the aion gold, it is very good and I like it very much. If I have them a lot I can go to buy something to eat. The entire people feel good heavy, do not want to eat, I force myself to eat, because I know that our bodies can not afford is the kind of frustrating, I want to tell the individual, but the total is not even found one willing to listen to me nervous I listen to the quiet talk about their story, too difficult to find such a person, the original, silent for too long will lose the courage to speak and strength. I always want to get more and more aion online gold, so I can go to buy a lot of things that I want. I really want to sit quietly in the wind from the river by looking at the surface, I really want to in the corner alone to cry, cry out in the hearts full of sorrow and began to put up with some that can be confusion and loneliness, so I only want to put my feelings into the game and go to earn the aion money by myself. This, entire do you know I love you deeply and I want to live with you together. However once I go to buy aion gold alone and I want to let you happy, but it is not useful. And now it is sporadic, then do not know for many years with the taste of love, the only exciting for so many years, but I was not holding hands.

So at last it becomes quite, because I know I should give up you and let you find your own happiness. I will give my all cheap aion gold to you. I think I should be quite too, I should learn to live alone and do not miss you ever. Though I hate you, I still love you. I do not know why I still love you but now it is quite, so I do not want to miss you again.