It's no secret that there is a huge disparity in America when it comes to quality of education recieved in the K-12 setting, which greatly affects one's ability to further his/her education at the collegiate level.  In Michigan affirmative action was recently banned, and many claim this is a backwards step in levelling out the educational playing field.

While I would love to see the education gap narrow and close (believe me, working in inner city Detroit schools for four years I would LOVE to see these kids go on to college!), I personally don't believe affirmative action in the way it was set up is morally right, but I do believe that these kids who are underpriviledged from the start need and deserve a boost!

So here is what I would propose instead: basically re-instating affirmative action policies in the realm of higher education, but instead of you getting points based off of your race or gender, you get points (i.e. a little extra help) based off of your socioeconomic status.  That is, those who have lived in underpriviledged areas and who have not received an equal education get a bit of a boost--regardless of skin color or sex.

Now obviously, the real way to fix this problem is to fix the cause (a gap in *primary* education), but that's going to take a lot more brainstorming, reform, and time.  And while we're working on that, what do you think of my proposed solution to the affirmative action and education?