Now many enterprises from the process management was very good in the proceeds. For example, in the latest Gartner research report shows that: the success of business process management projects that 78 percent of the enterprises get the internal rate of return higher than 15%, and a number of enterprises of this data was 100 percent or even 360 percent. The study also found that in business process management increasing emphasis on the participation of stakeholders, not just systems and systems integration. In addition, enterprises will be in addition to financial returns, through the implementation of business process management can reduce errors, improve service levels and increase the transparency of the ability of business processes. Therefore, Gartner forecast the heat business process management will continue to rise, and enhance enterprise management will become a preferred investment, business process management can bring competitive advantage to the enterprise.
1. Save time and money
business process management is to provide business process modeling, automation, management and optimization of the criteria and methods. A successful business process management programmes including business leaders and the right combination of technology, can greatly shorten the process cycle (sometimes as high as 90 per cent) and reduce costs. This results in an inter-departmental and inter-system and the user's process is particularly prominent. From a technical point of view, an independent business process management system can be easily with existing applications such as CRM, ERP, and ECM integration, without the need to re-design the whole system.
2. Improve the quality of their work
In addition to saving time and cost advantages, the enterprises have implemented business process management also found several other key advantages. First of all, can substantially reduce or even eliminate the loss of business caused by errors, such as loss of forms and documents filed or error, omission of important information or need to review. Second, significantly improved the flow visualization of all those involved in processes not only been authorized to understand their role in the process, and precise understanding of processes at any time the state. Third, a visual, it defined the duties, all entirely clear what time should know what kind of work completed. No longer have an excuse for delays, misunderstandings or negligence. Finally, to improve coherence, internal and external parties to work have clear expectations. The result - the employees, customers and partners have a higher satisfaction and centripetal force.
3. Curing business process
As long as independence is not a single person to complete all the work of the individual nature of the workshops, enterprises from its birth, there is a process, and with the continuous growth of enterprises, more and more of their processes, more and more complex. Almost every enterprise against all types of business processes and services have a set of rules and regulations process, with detailed and standardized management, the enterprise's rules and regulations are increasingly thick, and the implementation of these rules and regulations of people are getting into the mystery of . One can imagine that these impact on the lives of the core business processes of the implementation of what will be the effect.
Some enterprises have recognized this point, or even spend huge amounts of money to professional consulting firms to re-purge process, planning process, but many companies due to the reasons, such as due to Qingmian, leapfrog approval, not acting according to regulations, resulting Application of failure.
Business Process Management System can be applied in the early stages to achieve the primary objective of application, the curing process through the system, the key business processes into the system, the system defined by the rules of the circulation process, and can be controlled by the system records and working hours, Meet the needs of the management and service quality requirements, truly standardized management of the real operational phase.
4. Realization of process automation
It was an act done analysis, a process that the processing time of 90 per cent of stagnation, the real effective processing time is short. In the process and the process needed to staff the "legs" and "telephone" and other means to promote, not only time-consuming ventures, but poor results, always with a single missing or met with no response to happen. Through business process management systems, the use of existing mature technology, the good characteristics of the computer, to complete the needs of enterprises in this regard, the only information I only entry, the system in accordance with the circulation enterprises need to define the rules, processes automatically flow into businesses Process with a "tireless" helper.
5. Implementation team
The functions of the traditional organizational structure of enterprises, the application of its own and advantages, but we found that many business processes not only to complete a department alone, more of the synergy between the business sector cooperation, in particular there are still some companies Cross-boundary cooperation, such as the procurement process, which involves the production sector, purchasing departments, Kuguan sector, financial sector, business sector, signed the contract in the legal departments and enterprises of senior management. If we still use traditional functions of the departments to consider the thinking processes, may be suffering from the "myopia" and ignored the interests of business-oriented sector interests, boss departmental attention to the feeling neglected practical results, and also easily lead to unclear powers and responsibilities between the departments of the grey areas . As a company's business processes of the business sector there is a natural link, the smooth handling of the business needs of various departments is to business interests as the highest interest to work together.
Business process management systems to deal with the process-oriented, automatically Chuanqi departments, namely the use of Internet technology is now advanced the geographical Chuanqi, a good business processes to achieve the objective of complete, and many business executives in the sense of far Beyond a set of business process management systems, with more hope that such a system, a collaborative enterprise awareness of the work of the team, complete with its own corporate culture.
6. Optimization process
Processes developed in the future, no one can guarantee that this process is a reasonable scientific and effective, even when a reasonable scientific and effective system, because we live in the market environment changes, then change the organizational structure, marketing strategy with the The changes, it is hard to say will continue to maintain that advantage. A good business process management system not only can have many benefits above, but with the implementation of the circulation process, the system can data, intuitive graphical reporting process which developed a good report, which processes need to improve in order to provide to the decision-making Are the basis for scientific and rational decision-making, rather than rely solely on experience, thus continuously optimized to achieve the objective of a spiral trend.
7. To a knowledge-based enterprises to change
Business owners often look empty after work staff's office, I ask myself what's left of enterprises, but also Zhiduoshaoqian. And business process management systems through the curing process, so that the flow of knowledge with the curing process in the enterprise, and can continue with the process of implementation and optimization of enterprise formation of their own knowledge base, and the more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge base So that enterprises to "breathe life will be" knowledge-based and learning-oriented enterprises to change. If a new entrants into the company's employees, he can, through enterprise business process management system quickly familiar with the business and corporate business processes and can be cured through a process of constantly enrich their knowledge base and improve the processes and the difficulty level.