I have also played many year games, has played a week of Fiesta online, actually thought that this section of game also calculates well, therefore chats in own view and some games the malpractice, even if gives the new person an enlightenment.   Said the game first, Fiesta online operation aspect is very easy, the contact surface is succinct, and the monster is also very lovable. This section of game's visual effect is also quite good, may transform the angle freely, and is very much user-friendly. Also have many people to players regarding RMB and to players ordinary discussion, also does not need to have too discusses. Actually the game and the reality are the same, the rich man level is easy naturally crosses more comfortable than much the average person. They own a large of fiesta money. Because they have fiesta Gold, can buy the very high-level equipment. In what the reality the rich man drives the BMW, the public vehicle which the average person sits! This do not extremely haggle over that is senseless, was radically cannot compare, As long as the agents do not lose game's balance to be good! Our kind of expense played the family still to be possible happy comfortable, but day impoverished some! Must achieve the point of view to be balanced. As the work of the reason, I played game's time not to be many; therefore I have not gone to practice many occupations. That is not me that I have no buy fiesta Gold. As for game's balanced state, I thought it may be good. Some people said that RMB player's equipment is good, practiced the level to be quick, have enlarged and player’s distance ordinary, and because of fiesta online money divided two social classes’ crowds. However this is also inevitably, what others play is the money, you play pleasure. The disparity is affirmative. However, the synthesis, this section of game is good, if likes playing the game, then we slowly experience his pleasure, also do not go to haggle over that in the game and loses, most importantly point of view.