Self-awareness (or spiritually aware) can mean several things to several people, in this idea it is this: self being the individual, awareness being conscious of consciousness.  An example of a self-aware entity would be something that is at least 51% sure of what is going on so they just go with it in what they view as an intelligent way until they are shown a better way to go about things.

This is every human on earth, there is not one human that would say "I'm not 100% sure of what's going on so therefore I can't make any decisions because they wont be the answer to the absolute truth, just my own version of the truth."  Why can't we just accept our own self-awareness and use the golden rule?  Some people think that using violence and other persuasive actions to better benefit themselves is truly the best thing to do.  You can't blame them for wanting to live a better life, but at the cost of using others that is a process that is not very efficient.  A human helping another human can exponentially grow harmony just like a human using another human can exponentially grow disharmony.

So here is how humanity can become this utopia that we all would love to live in, every individual on earth discovers their version of the truth, they respect their version, they recognize other humans are living on the same physical plane of existence of their truth but don't have the same ideals as you, they respect others ideas of the truth and don't bicker over the specifics, the humans who live to promote harmony in this plane of physical existence live in their own communities and the humans who live to use others and promote disharmony will live in other communities separate from the harmonious.  They both can then defend themselves from each other if they dispute over resources.

You see with communities like that the people ruling the communities won't be fighting each other because one of the leaders doesn't believe in using others for personal gain and respects the other community as fellow humans.  Since the majority of the population likes helping rather than using, the helping communities will know how much resources the less populated using communities will need to survive and ration them out.

Although I'm pretty sure the people who like using others wont like being inferior numbers wise and power wise the helping communities will naturally not be a threat to them because first strike in a war is not very harmonious.

The world is kind of like this already where the disharmonious people have been put in the community of the prison system.  Corporate and political users run rampant throughout society though.

Maybe the trade and barter system would have to be eliminated for this to happen and that would be a great thing, there would also have to be some sort of judgement process for what individuals are harmonious or disharmonious like some sort of bureau where anyone can report anyone and anyone that's not involved can judge it, kind of like court.

Pretty much the world we live in today except people are more aware of themselves and their community, political and corporate liers have to join the people in prison but not a prison ran by others, just their own community, no more "what can you do for me if I do this for you" caused by the trade and barter system, and a more improved form of court where all they judge is whether they helped society or drained from society.

What do you guys think?  Feedback would be great.