A Reply to Zbigniew Brzezinski-How to End the War and My Innovative Iraqi Strategy


Reader wants to understand more, please read the March 30, 08 Washington Post. Page B 03 article.


In the Big Z’s article:

The points about the negative of the war is well noted by most of the Americans after five years of Iraqi war, if not this Administration. However Big Z ‘s resolution and retreat from Iraq is not best interest of America in the expense of several Trillions dollars and more than 4000 lifes (in the coming  days!) of soldiers plus over 30000 to 40000 wounded vets.


My points is that there is best interest to stay:

1.      A potion of our army can stay in Kurdistan the northern part of Iraq, the only place welcomes American army to stay in Iraq. In order to discourage the Shiite-domninated Iraqi government to depend too much on Iran  and have American army to stop the violence erupts after  a large potion US army to retreat back to US. OR, we can redeploy a portion of  the Army now stay in Korea to Kurdistan and let all national- guarded Army come home. The history is different form the retreat of British colonial army, during that time British do not find a welcome place to stay in mid-east. We can now, and that is the Kurdistan. For the purpose to weaken the influence about Iran in the region, we need army to stay in Iraq!


2.      We can tell the Iraqi Government, a potion of spending in Iraq may change to debt after we redeploy the army to Kurdistan.


3.      To guarantee the future oil route to US AND OUR ALLIES like Japan and Korea, we need to stay in Iraq. This can prevent the Iran hijacks the Iraqi government’s oil route and threatens the interest of America and its allies.


4.      To merit the sacrifice of the Soldiers, we need a more clever way to stay in Iraq, Kurdistan! And to close to monitor the Democracy to progress, we need to stay in Iraq!