A rare occasion of faith, reason and compatibility with science:


Our father, who art in heaven;
our mother, the earth:
we are your children...


In this twenty first century scientifically understood world we need a god that MEASURES OUR UNDERSTANDING rather than insulting our knowledge.


And in the 21'st century we don't need mumbo-jumbo; we need a faith that will spur us to escape these 'Progress Traps' (Ronald Wright) that we have created for ourselves: Energy Scarcity and Climate Change.


Neither Middle Age, Bronze Age nor New Age beliefs fit within these parameters.


First, be clear that my spiritual arguments are based upon our understanding of how the universe works. Of course our scientific knowledge is limited, but it is the only calculator we have with which to measure god.


This is our first great understanding: that all life's energy comes from the Sun. We are completely surrounded by the life-energy of the sun. The immense overwhelming mass of this blast furnace gives rise to life and sustains it. As this energy is necessary for life; can energy be life, or the wellspring of life? Cannot the Sun be seen as the father of this creation?


The Sun is our father in heaven and the earth is our mother. Life exists because of this relationship. The giver of life on this planet is the Sun, with the kind of life that exists here governed by this relationship.


The Sun is our father in heaven.