How would a christian convert a muslim? Or to put it in more chrisitan terms, how would you go about saving the soul of a muslim? Say you discovered the man/woman you loved, or, god forbid, you’re your own child, had joined islam, how would you save them from eternal torment? How would you go about proving that jesus was god and mohammed was a false prophet, or that the bible is the word of god and the qur’an is merely a mythology book like the odyssey, ramayana, or book of mormon. It is your duty as a christian to attempt to save the souls of your loved ones, so how would you approach the problem? If the situation was flipped, and someone was trying to save your soul through a conversion to islam, how would you respond? Keep in mind that at least one religion has to be false. They both make mutually exclusive claims on divine truth, so if one is right than either you or your hypothetical loved one will undoubtedly be cast forever into the depths of hell.