A year is coming to an end, the end of sorrow. Too many do not want to remember the past 365 days, the only clear-cut as a first step, ahead of time to find a new route in the future, a new life goal. A new year is meaning a new starting point.

  At the moment, I start to make a plan. A new year I want to use a new appearance to face the people. Last year, I play twelve sky by chance. Since I play the game, I find something which I look for a long time but do not find. Now, I believe that something what happened is not by accident. I feel very happy. I am not waste of my money to buy twelve sky Gold. It is the chance. So it started in my youth left its footprints, and perhaps is detached from reality to pursue his dream of you. May be used to the kind of reality beyond the better, so wish I could find a different life in the game. At the moment, in the game, I find it.

At one time or another, I would like to grow up happy, then all the way to find my well-being. When I was a child, I liked to play games. I always want to find a way to the well-being in the game. My friends often talk with me that internet is illusory. It is impossible for you looking for something what you want. In fact, they make a mistake. I only want to find a tree that I can lay. Since I have 12sky gold, I have it. Sometimes game is like a life. It contains happiness and sorrow. But I think if you have 12 sky gold, it will bring you happiness, and let you forget the sorrow things. You will not worry about you will be miss. It is the way you will come to the successful.

It is the truth that there are a lot of people does not like to play games. It just like me, in the past, I do not like, either. But since I have twelvesky Gold, I change my mind. In the past, I always think that if you play the game every day I think that you will not success. On account of that there is a word said that if you insist play something, you will lose the target you pursuit. It is right. So whether you can control yourself or not, it just depends on you. I also have 12Sky Silver Coins, but I do not indulge in the game.