With all this talk about world peace, there isn't a whole lot of describing what it will be like, look like, feel like.  I mean, will we still listen to rock & roll?....I think we'll be playing it as loud and as often as ever.  That goes for all kinds of music.  We'll just dance more often.  Can you imagine getting along with everyone as well or better then your best friend.  Some will say they don't want to be best friends with half the people here....to those of you that feel that way, that is what you need to get over.  If you don't feel you can, then the rest of us will have to love you into changing your mind.  I imagine everyone waking up with a smile and enjoying every day.  No money.  Everyone knows what we need...we'll share and do our part.  There won't be a problem with drugs because people won't want to escape reality like that.  Love and kindness makes great relationships, great relationships solve and prevent harmful habits.  I imagine everyone absorbing the beauty of where we are and how we got here.  I imagine a lot of overwhelmingly good feelings.  Love is contagious, peace will happen.  When it does, I'm sure there will be good things happening that we can't really imagine now.  This is what I believe and I love you all.