Exhibits A: Code Pink and the City of Berkeley, California.


Code Pink is a liberal organization who has been involved in numerous protests against the Iraq War.  Berkeley, California, is a city in the San Francisco Bay Area that has gained fame as one of the most liberal cities in America.  What do they have in common?  A complete lack of gratitude, maybe even contempt, for the men and women of the US Marines who have fought and died for the very free speech that these people take such joy in exercising.  

These people have the right to say what they want about the Marines, who have taken abuse after abuse from them on the chin.  But having the right to say something doesn't make it the right thing to say.   The Marines, as well as the other members of our armed forces have sacrificed themselves and their families for the greater good of our country, even the people who show them such hate.  Does the city or Code Pink realize that without the sacrifices of our military they would not have the right to show their hatred.  While they certainly are under no obligation to agree with the government that is authorizing a war that they disagree with, they owe an incomprehensible debt to the members of the military who have shipped off across the world in defense of our nation regardless of their personal feelings about the war.

Code Pink has stated that "If it weren't for people like us standing up and exercising our rights to free speech, we'd be living under Hitler."  Excuse me if I forget my history, but I believe it was the Marines, along with the rest of the Allied militaries, that grabbed their guns and came to the defense of freedom and democracy against Hitler's war machine.  Yes, they have their rights to free speech; isn't nice that there is a group of brave men and women who have sworn to protect that right.