i was at school sitting at lunch and this kid gaught caught smoking one of his best friends rated him out because she "didnt want him to hurt himself" now he has to go to a different school because she told on him i admit the kid did it at lunch then went back to school and thats WRONG but the thing is the ONLY way marijuana can hurt you is if you get caught. the only other way is if you get hooked and steal or other things so you can get it and no one does anything out of the ordinary to get weed it would be almost the same if they wanted to go to a "movie" and didnt have money they might steal some money so they could go or something this is just an example its different for every body but IF it was legalized it would be CHEEPER people wouldent have to steal or do bad things for it i agree there should be an age law on it. but I DONT KNOW. thats pretty much y i made a profile on this sight.