I think that there needs to be a change in Political Ads.  The canidates spend millions of dollars on ads to say I am better then this person and this is what I will do to fix these problems.  Well I am not a political person, but I do feel very stongly about some things.  First of these is that this country is heading for trouble if things don't change soon.  My Idea is to have matching funds established for every single political ad.  Whiether you are running for the President of The United States or you are running for a county sheriff's position.  It is a very simple plan.  For every dollar a canidate spends on an ad a dollar must be put into the national debt.  Just think, it would only take two presidental election cycles to pay down the debt, and as a side bonus there will be a lot less ads.  Maybe if they had to spend twice as much to run thier ads they would focus on the important things and quit all the mud slinging.