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The Iranian Revolutionary Guards is getting in on the “smart power” bandwagon. It just announced the launch of a new news agency called Atlas to deliver the day’s news. The […]
All creatures “great and virtual” – the newest innovations in cyber kittens and pooches are investigated by The Independent.
A gifted student who publicly confronted Iran’s Supreme Leader has reportedly gone missing and an internet campaign has been launched to publicise his disappearance.
Wrestling with any decisions today? Wondering whether to move to Minnesota or dump that guy or change your Facebook profile picture? Maybe you’ve also wondered what’s going on when you […]
A.N. Wilson, the arch-conservative English litterateur, doesn’t like scientists. They are “gods of certainty” and people who respect them, he writes today, are responsible for killing most of Britain’s cows […]
How will the introduction of e-book devices affect academics and fit into the scholarly ecosystem? And is the book as an artifact dead?
An application to challenge the patenting of human genes that could hamper diagnostic research has been upheld by a federal judge in New York.
Scientists suggest that having a high IQ has nothing to do with practical ability and good judgement, which means clever folks can behave stupidly.