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A new report from the University of California, San Diego, suggests that the average American household consumed a staggering 3.6 zettabytes of information in 2008.
Five young Americans detained in Pakistan had gone to the region with the intention of joining a jihad, or holy war, according to a statement from police officials.
President Obama, who arrived in Oslo to collect his Nobel Peace Prize today, has angered Norwegians over his decision to cancel a series of events normally attended by the winner.
Aside from their times as American presidents, there are few things connecting Ulysses Grant, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, FDR, and Barack Obama. As Big Think’s new guest James McManus points […]
What happened in New York’s 23rd district is just the beginning. A recent Rasmussen poll of likely voters found that if the so-called “conservative base”—the people behind the national “tea […]
The US Air Force has confirmed for the first time that it is flying a stealth unmanned drone known as the “Beast of Kandahar” in Southern Afghanistan.
The Senate Democrats have tentatively agreed to drop full-blown government-run insurance from the health care reforms in favour of Federally supervised private insurance arrangements.
After synchronised car bomb attacks devastated the Iraqi capital Baghdad yesterday the Iraqi government has been quick to speculate about who was behind the attacks.
A British company has developed the world’s first bionic fingers for use by patients with missing fingers – and a former concert pianist is among the first to test them out!
The Hubble Space Telescope has taken the deepest near-infrared image of the universe in history, featuring galaxies that formed 600m years after the Big Bang, according to NASA.
People are beginning to consider how much they’d pay to experience space travel after Virgin Galactic unveiled the first ever commercial passenger spaceship this week.
Volkswagen has come a step further in its bid to become the world’s dominating car manufacturer after it bought a one-fifth stake in Suzuki Motor for $2.5bn.
Three bomb-rigged cars exploded in the Iraq capital Baghdad this morning killing over 60 and wounding more than 100 in what is suspected to have been a co-ordinated attack.
A man has been arrested for attempting to pelt former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin with tomatoes at a book signing event in Minnesota.
Talking monkeys may not be a thing of fantasy after scientists analysing Campbell’s primates realised the creatures repeat the same linguistic call patterns.
To understand the Hebrew Bible and the book of Jeremiah you need to look at the prophet primarily as a poet, according to David Rosenberg’s new book “A Literary Bible.”
Researchers believe a previously undocumented volcanic eruption 200 years ago in 1809 may explain the coldest decade on record which occurred between 1810 and 1819.