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It was easy when you knew which writers were writing what in your favorite newspapers. Now, if you’re like the rest of us, you’re constantly combing the internet for fresh […]
In recent years, the ancient debate over how male and female brains differ has generated competing parenting theories, academic scandals, and heated media debate. In her Big Think interview, Chicago […]
Was President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech more political than polite? And was it the speech the Nobel committee wanted to hear?
The mystery of a giant light spiral in the Arctic has been solved after the Russians admitted it was a Bulava missile fired from a submarine.
Futuristic 3D videogame-esque film “Avatar” is a “triumph of technology storytelling” for a writer/director who had to propel the special effects he wanted into existence.
Hostage negotiations are continuing after at least nine of the 57 detainees being held by gunmen in the Southern Philippines were released.
Do-It-Yourself retail stores will soon be stocking solar panels so climate change-conscious customers can pop sustainability into their trolleys and wheel it home.
Grave robbers have stolen the body of Tassos Papadopoulos, the former president of the Republic of Cyprus, a year after his death.
A simple genetic “flick switch” can transform female ovary cells into male testicular ones according to scientists who have been experimenting on mice.
“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt recently told Maria Bartiromo, “maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.” That […]
The Columbian Journalism Review exposes some Huffington Post trickery. is scheduled to put its content behind a paywall. While Microsoft and Google have partnered up with Twitter and Facebook for […]
Stewart Brand, one of the most influential experts we’ve interviewed, is also one of the hardest to define. Former military man, Merry Prankster with Ken Kesey’s circle, pioneering environmentalist, and […]
A breakthrough has been made in wireless brain-to-computer connection speech synthesizer technology, which could allow victims of paralysis the ability to speak again.
Researchers have uncovered the secrets of a catastrophic flood which happened more than five million years ago and is thought to have refilled the Mediterranean Sea.
A Palestinian man portrayed as a terrorist in the film “Bruno” is suing Sacha Baron Cohen, David Letterman and others for $110m.