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The G-Spot, a theoretical female erogenous zone, has been dismissed as “subjective” by scientists in London who carried out tests on identical twins between the ages to 23 and 83.
Analysis of images of “ancient lakes” on Mars’ equator suggests similarities to lakes found in Alaska and Siberia, adding to the likelihood that there was once life on the Red Planet.
The US secret service is investigating an apparent hanging effigy of President Barack Obama slung from a storefront by a noose in Georgia.
Giving up smoking sharply increases the risk of developing type-two diabetes according to a US study which suggests an increased risk of 70 per cent for quitters in the first six years.
Blogger Steven Frischling, suspected of leaking a TSA document, has had his Twitter account implicated in a bizarre fracas with a TSA agent who allegedly posed as Frischling online.
A spill of diesel fuel in China’s second-longest river has been “effectively” contained by barricades according to the China National Petroleum Corp.
An exhibition of naturally sculpted rock from China’s Qing Dynasty opens in London this week – baffling onlookers with displays of elaborately eroded stone on wooded plinths.
The tallest building in the world, Dubai’s new Khalifa Tower, is “a frightening purposeless monument to the subprime era” writes The Telegraph’s Stephen Bayley.
Solar physicists investigating the mysteries of the solar corona have unearthed further clues by observing the sun’s outer atmosphere during eclipses over the last five years.
NASA’s new planet-hunting telescope has found two mystery objects that are “too hot to be plants and too small to be stars” – neither of which fit any definition of known astro objects.
A “cocktail” of different nanometer-sized particles which can be used to target and kill cancerous tumours have been developed by researchers in California and Massachusetts.
Writing in the New York Times, Bono makes his case for anti-piracy legislation. For the first time in the Financial Times’ history, online and print subscribers now contribute more revenue […]
Amid fears of further terrorist attacks the Yemeni government has ordered an “unprecedented” number of troops into the region controlled by Al Qaeda.
Dubai is set to open the world’s tallest building today, although many of the offices are unfinished, as the emirate tries to re-establish hope amid the financial crisis.
Malaysians are flocking to the internet to debate a contentious court ruling allowing local Roman Catholics to use the word Allah as a translation for God.
Nearly 800 people have set themselves the challenge of self improvement by joining the One Hundred Days to Make Me A Better Person campaign.
Scientists are warning that deadly animal diseases are poised to begin infecting humans as environmental disruption lowers the human-animal species barrier.
A brilliantly preserved skeleton of the extinct dodo bird, found in Mauritius in 2007, could provide valuable DNA information which could lead to the genetic resurrection of the species.
For the first time ever, scientists have measured the speed of genome mutations in plants, casting new light on the fundamental evolutionary process.
With just over 3,000 left in the world, efforts to save tigers from extinction will be stepped up in 2010 after it topped the World Wide Fund for Nature’s list of most endangered species.