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When J.D. Salinger passed away recently, many casual fans who only remember him from tattered copies of The Catcher in the Rye lost long ago seemed shocked that he was […]
Some morbidly obese people are missing a section of their DNA according to new research, which conjectures that such genetic problems could actually cause a propensity to obesity.
Alberto Giacometti’s “Walking Man 1” sculpture has smashed global auction records by selling for the equivalent of $104.4m at Sotheby’s auction house in London last night.
The Winter Olympics in Canada this month will be a chance to see more than just the figure skating, as the games are showcasing a “thought-controlled” lighting experiment.
While world leaders struggle to find a solution for climate change in a gas guzzling world, American researchers claim to have found a simple way to cool cities- painting them white.
The beleaguered chairman of the UN’s Nobel Prize-winning climate change panel, Rajendra Pachauri, has defended the panel’s credibility, calling climate skeptics’ criticism “skulduggery”.
The Nickel tax on disposable bags in Washington has inspired a trend of re-usable totes with local shoppers assembling a wardrobe of bags which are functional and fashionable.
Self-styled spiritual guru James Arthur Ray has been arrested and charged with three counts of manslaughter for a trio of deaths which happened after a sweat lodge ceremony in 2009.
A Pakistani neuroscientist who trained at an elite American university has been found guilty on two charges of attempted murder for trying to kill US agents in Afghanistan in 2008.
What impact will Disney’s first black princess have on kids? The Independent’s Paul McKenzie asks why even watching the advert has got his daughter so excited.
Tod Machover thinks that the future of music could be scary. Composers are going to be able to measure more and more of peoples’ particular mental structures, their particular reactions […]
The Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints may be set to meet in Super Bowl XLIV in Miami next Sunday, but a side bet between the Indianapolis Museum of Art […]
Mutation of the gene dubbed the “guardian angel” for its ability to protect the body from genetic instability leads to cellular changes responsible for triggering premature birth.
British psychologists have discovered that people who spend a considerable time online are less likely to be happy than those who don’t, claiming there’s “a dark side” to web surfing.
Two of the most reviled professions, spies and bankers, have joined forces to create an even scarier beast as Wall Street firms begin hiring CIA agents to root out lying colleagues.
The leader of Malaysia’s opposition party, Anwar Ibrahim, has gone on trial for sodomy in Kuala Lumpur after his DNA was found on the male aide making allegations of rape.
The dispute over the will of one of Asia’s wealthiest women, Nina Wang, was found in favor of her family’s charitable foundation despite her feng shui expert lover claiming a stake.
Scientists have uncovered powerful evidence showing the connection between intelligence and madness, revealing that high-achievers are far more likely to be manic depressives.