When I first entered the 9dragons, the game was attracted to the scene of the screen. I have never played the game; I heard from my friends that they say the game is very fun so I come to play the game. At first I did not know how to play the game, I only followed my friends to upgrade and kill the monsters in the game. Later my friends told me that if I want to play the game better I should go to earn the 9Dragons gold, so I was very quickly risen to thirty levels, and then I started to play the game alone, I would like to familiar scenes of the game, on my own to play the game well. One day when I was playing the game alone, one player came to fight with me, but I did not know how to fight with players. So that day I was hurt and then my friends help me to fight her, I spend a lot of 9 Dragons gold to treat myself in this game. However she was also very sad when I was hurt, she was sorry about this to me and I did not complain her at last. After that I always missed her and I wanted to play the game with her together. At that moment she came to find me and invited me to play the game with her. I was very happy and we went to buy 9 Dragons gold to equip us to become strong. I like her very much and I did not know why I love her so much. I only wanted to play the game with her forever. Today I play the game again and I can get a lot of cheap 9Dragons gold for her, I take her to upgrade and then add her experience, but she told me that she should went away and maybe she would not come back forever. At that moment I was very sad that why she should leave me and forever. It was the last time that we played the game again together and then she was away from me. Now I miss her very much, I want to meet her again and I want to tell her that I have a lot of 9Dragons money and I want to give her in the game. But I know it could not become true. I only play the game alone to cover my feelings in the game, I do not want to anyone know it about me.