The sky is clear, no wind and rain and I sit in my room alone, one of the world is quiet, no waves; a person on the road is wide, there is no thorns; the night is my alone was empty, not breathing. So I miss the 9Dragons gold that I once had a lot. I have them a lot because I play the game very well, I can get them from my friends and all I know in the game. Sometimes, a review of travel is not the pit, a tear will be able to wet the entire night, and I am very lonely. So I want to play the game to cover my feelings, I want to share my loneliness to my friends too. I go to play the game and then I find my some friends to play the game with me, to my surprise they all agree with me, and then we go to play the game together. In the game we go to earn the 9 Dragons gold and go to buy the weapons with them. During that time I feel I have found my happiness and I am very happy.

In the game, I can make many friends with other players, we can chat with each other and we play the game together. Sometime I will buy a lot of 9Dragons money to give my friends and I will also tell them where the gold is sold if someone does not know.

It is good, and it is time to choose that every one wants to earn much money, but senior players is not a blind, one time they will come back. In order to play the game well, so I have to go to buy 9 Dragons gold to dress ourselves, we can also go to buy a lot of things what we want. And we can buy some props and equipment to become stronger, but it is only the senior players can do it.

However some players want to get some cheap 9Dragons gold because if they get a lot of gold even though it is very cheap, but it also can add their experience and then they will very happy. So even though I am alone tonight, but I am still very happy. Because I go to play the game I feel very happy.

I want to thank the game, if I do not play the game I think I will be very lonely and I will not be happy. So I also want to thank my friends they accompany me to play the game, and they let me happy too.