I am new to the game ---Archlord. This is a game of fighting. In the game, you can bring your sword and ride the horse to fight with others. In the internet games, horses are only used as a traffic tools instead of feet. Every race has its own exclusive mounts in the game, human use the horse, orc master the desert cattle and moon wizard control the lions. In order to operate with the mount, the knights will use appropriate weapons, knights of different races have different weapons.

  Become a cavalier

   After the player reach the lever of 35, he can buy the mounts from the domesticated division. Wth the continuous improvement of your lever, you can buy higher levels of weapons and the corresponding mount. The high-level of mount moves more quickly and more durability, of course the price is more expensive.

   In the game, I play a role of cavalier, I have my own mount, and after I reach the level of 35, I bought a mount from the domesticated division. I use the Archlord money to buy Archlord gold, and use the gold to buy my mount. The gold is archlord online gold, you can buy archlord gold with your credit card.

    I have spent 150 US dollars in this game, sometimes I buy the cheap archlord gold from my game friends, because they bought too much to use. Some of my family member also play this game, my brother recommended it to me, saying that it is interesting and stimulating. When I played for the first time, I did not know how to play, even I did not know how to move, I stood in one place for minutes. Another player taught me how to move and play, I made friend with him and we often play together. I deeply love this game.