Arianna Huffington's Huffington Post is a THUGGISH Jungle

Arianna Huffington is here promoting her new book, I see. She speaks of 'VIGOROUS DISCUSSION' yet will NOT ALLOW it on her blog, Huffington Post. A place where most days each comment must be vetted by a thuggish censor before it appears, rendering conversation impossible, as this process can take hours. On the days that the vetting system is broken, conversation flows.

If Arianna wants vigorous discussion, I am sure she goes elsewhere............such as BigThink, as most commentators at her site are trained to echo her POV.

Her site is one of horrific technical problems; excessive censorship; purging of posts that do not reflect her POV; or are deemed off-topic; and where all posts past and present are purged for minor infractions.


LOOK, there is a revolution brewing at Huffington as many long time bloggers are being abused and anger is rising. Coyote was there 3 years ago when Huffy first started up:

NoSpinTruthZone See Profile I'm a Fan of NoSpinTruthZone

If your posts get deleted.. send a note here:

include the original post. The main moderator here is Volvobirkenstock. He's, more than likely, the one deleting the posts.. though to be safe.. send the message at different times to ensure that different people receive it and the situation is fully known.

The only way to combat cowards is to call them out.

(Volvobirkenstock is a regular commenter)

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