An idea on our future world society

An idea on the future, and the evolution of our planet.

First, the collapse of current established religions, and ancient beliefs will be a major step in the evolution/development of our planet. I don't feel this is neccessary because religion is 'wrong', I just feel it's ideas are outdated, and a new religion based on scientific fact will emerge. Religion in it's current state is having an adverse effect on evolution, and is completely contradicting the idea of a new global system. Religion effectively separates people through a lack of complete understanding. It will not help with the global agenda.

Though we feel that we are an advanced civilization, science will soon prove that we know a tiny fraction of what there is to know. And 'tiny' isn't good word to describe it. If it were a number, it would be something like this 0.00000000000001.

'God' is not something to be understood, and mathmatics has proven that (a driven some it's best insane). We cannot understand the concept of infinities within infinities. Our linear way of establishing knowledge, and doing math, only ensures that we do not get the whole picture. Electrons behave differently when given options, and when they are 'observed'. Our minds cannot comprehend the true nature of the universe. But religion tries to put these things into perspective with stories, and ancient beliefs that were only created by viewing the movement in the skies.

When you are preparing to go to Heaven, or waiting for 47 or so virgins, you have no incentive to make the world a better place. And the other adverse effects of current religions are pretty obvious to plenty of people out there. The only issue is creating a moral standard for people once they evolve to the point where religion becomes obsolete. A new scientific understanding of 'God' will emerge, one were worship is not neccessary. Through this new understanding a greater respect for life will also emerge.

This will allow for more comprehensive monitoring systems for world governments. Not one based on control, but one based on respect. As everything becomes digital our money and our identity will become centralized. And our positions always charted by GPS. This will detur crime, and will help to create a more peaceful society. As Americans we are bred to fight for our freedoms, but this new system will not be seen as a lack of freedom... just a technological advancement.

Why won't it be seen as a lack of freedom? I feel because by this time a new global economy will have emerged. This global economy is the next step in our economic evolution, and will help to promote true free trade and semi-free markets. I don't feel it will be completely capitalistic. Capitalism was only the fuel to create a powerful enough society to lead the charge for a new world financial system. Sort of the fullback (if this were American football) blocking the way for the new system to emerge. One that will make 'war' obsolete. In the new system there will of course be different levels of success, but there won't be those who are left behind. There will be a job for everyone.

Everyone? Thats impossible right? No, by that time population contorl methods will have already taken place, and brilliant people will have established a population limit sustainable for this new global system. I know, I know..... nobody likes that idea. But in this world we have an understanding of the importance of preserving this earth. That in combination with a broader understanding of the Universe and the importance of life on this planet. These ideas will be presented early in the education system, and will be accepted by most.

Why will these ideas be accepted, and why will these changes take place? Or more importantly..... how? Why will people accept more advance monitoring, or no trade restrictions? I feel that as we advance our minds we will understand the barbaric ideas that we share today go against the natural law of things. We will understand that we ALL come from a source. Whether that source is only a list of elements, or a source of intelligent energy. Or both! We are interconnected, and this planet is a planet that has the rare ability to sustain life. Our life.

If you are a middle class (or wealthy) American doing okay in life, you don't worry about the world... you just worry about your family. But what about those who live in barbaric conditions, don't they deserve a shot? New ideas, and science will lead the way to a new understanding.

I know populism is great, and the idea of 'world government', and 'world agenda' are bad words these days...but why?!? Science has show that we will not make significant strides until we unify globally. If we do not unify we will only destroy ourselves, and possibly the sustainable environment that suports life! Global unification will help us to advance in ways we could never imagine!

This is just an idea!

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