An Average Citizen

For the common mass...

I’m the clerk at the convenience store.
I work long hours, sweating underneath your car hood.
I struggle to support my family,
Working hard to achieve the plan for the man.
I’m the fellow who’s the common laborer,
Digging ditches for minimum wage,
Keeping the flow free for societies’ page.
I pave the state highway and county road
So you can drive to places you want to go.
I’m the down-on-his-luck guy at the intersection holding a sign,
"Will work for food or money."
I’m the homeless person who wants a place to call home
With hot and cold water; with clothes that smell clean and fresh.
We’re the men and women who cook and wait tables.
In this society, we’re considered the average citizen.
We’re the common Joe and Rosie...The people next door
Who farm the Earth; Toil the burden; Harvest the crops;
Who suffer the injustices and moralities’ foes.
We vote as we see fit …
We paid our dues.

We feed the world; teach the children; educate the ignorant.
We fight the battles;
We die in the wars;
We bury our dead;
We play and sing the blues.
We’re the people who ride the bus and fly coach;
Who eat supper from the fast food drive-thru lane.
We save the coupons;
We shop for sales;
We roam the flea markets;
We buy no-name brands of canned food.
We’re the Majority;
We’re the people who vote and change unjust laws.
We’re the victims of prejudice, hate and malevolence.
We’re the ones who speak for and against;
Who say little but do much.
We help people in times of crisis;
We give our blood, food and money to those in dire need.
We’re the bonding flesh and sinew of democracy …
An average citizen.

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