America is far too similar to Oceania from Nineteen-Eighty Four.

America has grown disturbingly close to the fascist nation of Oceania from the dystopian political novel Nineteen-Eighty Four by George Orwell. Please remember that these are generalizations and do not apply to every American. (By the way, I am aware that this is long so feel free to skim)

Ministry of Peace - The role of the Ministry of Peace in the novel is to conduct war upon opposing nations. This is pretty straightforward. They are both in a state of perpetual war as a means to drive the economy as well as perpetuate fear among its citizens. This correlates through things like the war on terror, cold war, etc.

Ministry of Plenty - The role of the Ministry of Plenty in the novel is to make sure that nobody other than the upper class has everything that they need. They are also responsible for continuing production within their economy. This is similar to the constant advertising throughout television and other media always telling people that they have to buy a (insert expensive unnecessary item here). As well as the preaching by politicians that the working class are the most important people in America while at the same time cutting wages, raising the taxes for people in the lower class, and phasing out worker's rights.

Ministry of Truth  - The role of the Ministry of Truth in the novel is to spread lies, propaganda, and misinformation. They are in charge of ensuring that none of the citizens know what is really happening. They make sure that everyone is happy living there because they say that everywhere else is much worse. This is similar to the reportings of the news networks across America (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, et al) as well as the government censorship of various documents and media (CIA, FCC, et al) This ensures that Americans not only love their country, but hate everyone who has any feeling of dissent or non-conformity.

Ministry of Love - The role of the Ministry of Love in the novel is to spy, police, and torture. This is in order to keep dissidents under control in order to ensure the Party's dominance. America has many institutions of torture (Abu Ghraib; and others I'm sure) intended to "keep America safe. The government has also been responsible for repressing "riots" and undesirable acts all throughout American history ("don't tase me, dude" incident, 1971 May Day protest, etc). The USA PATRIOT Act gave the government full power to spy on and detain whoever the fuck they want to but it has been happening since before then (Mumia Abu-Jamal, Rodney King, Sherman Austin etc).

War is Peace - American neo-fascists insist that "we must fight the terrorists over there, so that we don't have to fight them here". But the main reason that people hate America is that they are constantly invading countries to spread their empire. And make no mistake they are invading not liberating and they do have an empire not a Coalition of the Willing.War is not peace. Peace is peace.

Freedom is Slavery - Immigrants come to America in order to be free and a part of the "American Dream". But they are quite uninformed. The "American Dream" is only for rich, white males.So instead these immigrants must work for wages below minimum wage with no opportunity for any advancement or decent living conditions. This is known as wage slavery.

Ignorance is Strength - Many Americans are afraid of exactly what their government tells them to be afraid of (communism, fascism -ironic?, homosexuals, terrorism, poverty, illegal immigrants, people of other races, there are too many to even begin to list). This generates a system of consumerism and obedience. Thus making the country stronger.

Newspeak - This is a new language which thins the english lexicon as much as is possible. Words like freedom and justice are either removed or altered to fit the ideals of the Party. This is done so that nobody can make an intelligent argument against the party and so that while speaking, people do not need to think. This has only started happening recently with politicians perverting definitions of words like torture so that it becomes constitutional. A newspeak vocabulary is becoming prominent due to a new text messaging generation (lol, brb, omg).

Proletarian Revolution - The concept of a proletarian revolution is explored in the novel as the only possibility for change. The proles are the lower class. Their numbers are the only thing that can stand up to the Party. But, inexplicably, they do not rise up. This is because a lack of organization, the concept that they are lower beings being projected by the Party, and the need for them to get by day to day. This is similar to the lower class Americans living in America. They are far too busy trying to simply get by to enact any kind of change within the political system that would benefit them. But all that it ever really takes is for the ruling powers to go one step too far, or for a revolutionary leader to organize their numbers.

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