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Alexander Solzhenitsn Dead but not Communism

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Dead but not Communism FORWARDS:I love my Country, US. SO, I WRITE. THE BESTS ARE IN BIGHTINK, SO I WRITE HERE. The best eulogy for the death of Solz (short form for Solzhenitsyn) is coming from his enemy, a commentary Tuesday in Pravda (Quoted form Aug 5th Washington post), the communist newspaper called "The Gulag Archipelago" a "bucket of tendentious muck" and " Biological anti-Soviets, he become one of the main battering rams in destroying both the state and nation." Indeed, I am glad the Pravda not lying this to admit Solz destroy Sovet-typed Communism! As a philosopher, I am not naive or innocent as the former neo-con scholar, Francis Fukuyama to declare that communism is dead in history, Western democracy prevailed, just ask Wen Jiabao of China, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Castro and his brother in Cuba or the extreme, Stalin Kim of North Korea. Readers know, Communism is still existed in certain countries! What makes a great tragedy of Communism in human history? I need not to quote Karl Popper , just imagine yourself as Karl Marx! Sit in a Library in London, hungry and thirsty and he imagines with his tender mind, a limit intelligence without any data, field work and experiment. Eureka! Karl Marx declared, " The Communist Manifesto. Communism will save this greedy capitalistic world!!" No Joke! Lenin, Stalin believes it, Mao Believes and take advantage form it, Teng Believes it. Even now Hugo  Chavez believes, Kim loves it! The result, millions, millions die on Karl Marx’s hallucination. Solz’ s "One Day in a life of Ivan Denisovich" and the famous "Gulag Archipelago" vindicates this greatest human experimental tragedy   in 20 century. What a fool of human being! Sloz exiled himself 20 years in New England, United State. I "imagine" he wants to find a western panacea to save his beloved country, Soviet Union from communism! Western world or at least America failed him. The greedy capitalism, materialism or distorted moral society and  lawyerlike-evil-witted ideology  in America failed him actually. He retreated back to a new and broken Russia , presided by the incompetent , know  nothing about Western democracy, but copy-catlike pro-West Boris Yeltsin. Insulted by his foolishness " Harvard led shock therapy" economic saving grace song!  Sloz  tried to find his own way, until  Vladimir Putin! He ignores his KGB background , he loves Putin the way bring stability and prosperity in his Post-Gulag Russia! He has his own right. Unfortunately, the West deserted him and some blackened  him to anti-Semitic about Jews for his book "Two Hundred Years Together." Stalin typed Communism is dead for sure. Gulag or concentration labor camps in no  more in Russia. Communism is proved not working in this world!  Human being is still not happy! Sloz once wrote (quoted from Aug 5th,Washington Post ) "Though lies conceal everything, though lies embraces everything but not with any help from me,".  I salute Sloz, during the very difficult time, Sloz was not afraid a second to capacitate by the Stalin  labor camp! He exposed it in Gulag Archipelago". We live in this open Western and democratic society. Do we have the courage or simply to tell the truth: such as THERE IS NO WMD.   NO! That bothers me! Solz was dead, however this world needs  his self-sacrificed spirit: truth telling for spurning the dirty and lawyer-spurn tricks,  debunk propaganda as truth; assertion as logic and the  most importantly expose  the "imagined ideology" made up by Politician in Communist or democratic world. We need to learn those from Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Otherwise, we will expend the catastrophe  of  any human tragedy made by the evil-spirited so-called leader in  Western free-world or communist country. God bless!  

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