Aion: Network and feelings

I am a lonely child, and travel alone in the aion that is full of mystery world, from the beautiful spirit to the tough steel has gone through many ups and downs come now, slowly feeling some boring. Every day over and over again to do the same thing tired of mine warfare, tired of the whole day in the face of those who do not have the soul of the monster. So I will earn a lot of aion gold to buy props to fight the monsters.I do not want to face them.Then one day I met her, when she tired to upgrade low-level, I have tried to teach her how to use the auxiliary plug-in, late in the day to teach also talked late into the night, may be stupid, I do not know how to use it. Explain to her, but in the end she could only make do to the automatic. So I can earn the aion online gold to give her, I want to let her become strong to fight monsters alone.For a period of time has passed, we chat every day with escalation, and take her away East to West. Mine warfare occasionally in the evening when she was still hiding in a dark corner of the peep inside, she wanted to play for combat race, but after all, her level is too low, can only go up so that when mixed chopped cabbage, so I only to give her a lot of aion money to help her some, so do not want to let her get hurt, stay away from the war.Chat with her for a long time we have happiness and do not tell each other things, and so happy to hear that we found some similarities, she can not forget me happy, I can calm down so I am happy, and I slowly began to make love with her, with a warm feeling. I want to buy aion gold to make me strong and protect her. At the same time, however, happy but also the pain, after all, this is a virtual network, just a game, or some things can not happen. I would not say exports for a long time, can only think of her words from mouth pharyngeal psychological stomach to go, maybe when I say we came out the distance between the distance will be, perhaps she would leave the game, in front of the disappeared. In the game I sometimes bring cheap aion gold to play well. I do not want to lose such a friend, she is my understanding that the only game inside a chat with most things in mind for a long time can tell share of the female players. Finally I gave up the ideas.

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