Straight Talk: McCain vs. Romney on Stem Cell Research

First John McCain was against embryonic stem cell research, now he's for it.
First Mitt Romney was for embryonic stem cell research, now he's against it.

If either of these GOP candidates win the nomination, given their track record on stem cell research and a host of other issues, it will be difficult for them to push the traditional "flip flopper" attacks on the Democratic nominee.

Over at the NY Times' "The Caucus" blog, Michael Luo details a memo released by the McCain campaign describing Romney's flip-flopping statements on stem cell research over the years. It's a great read. The clincher is that the Romney campaign responds by arguing that the former Governor has always been consistent on the issue!

But before you accept McCain's argument for "straight talk" in the campaign, watch this brilliant montage of contradictory McCain statements compiled by filmmaker Robert Greenwald and released on YouTube.

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