Monday evening at the annual meeting of the American Institute of Biological Sciences, Chris Mooney and I gave our first DC-area Speaking Science 2.0 presentation. We have details as pictures over at our new Speaking Science Web site. Inspired by Al Gore, Chris and I have also bought emission credits to off-set the plane travel that comes with our tour.

Our next inside-the-Beltway talk will be Tues. June 19 at the Center for American Progress, where we expect a very large crowd. On Monday, June 4 we will be taking the train up to Manhattan, speaking at the New York Academy of Sciences (details).

At the AIBS event, I had the chance to meet fellow ScienceBlogs contributor Jason Rosenhause, a professor of mathematics at James Madison University. Jason has this to report on the talk over at his popular EvolutionBlog. A second fellow ScienceBlogs contributor, Tara Smith, was also at the talk, but I missed out meeting her after the event. A professor of epidemiology, she has this to say over at Aetiology.