Professorship in Science Communication at Free University-Berlin

The Free University Berlin has an associate professor opening in Science Communication, as part of their Department of Political and Social Sciences and their Institute of Media and Communication Studies. I have posted the full description below the fold. Contact Markus Lehmkuhl at for more information.
\nFreie Universität Berlin

Department of Political and Social Sciences
Institute of Media and Communication Studies

invites applications for a tenured

Associate Professorship in Media and Communication Studies, with special emphasis on Science Communication / Science Journalism

The successful applicant will be required to provide teaching and research in the above mentioned areas.

In line with article 100 of the Berlin Higher Education Act (Berliner Hochschulgesetz), a postdoctoral lecturing qualification (Habilitation) or comparable qualifications for a teaching career in higher education are required.

The successful candidate will have a proven record of research in the area of science communication (analysis of national and international structures, processes and developments in the area of science communication, especially science journalism). He or she will be expected to have experience in securing external funding and in managing externally funded projects, as well as international experience in teaching and research.

Furthermore the appointee will be expected to have practical experience in the field of print, broadcasting or online media.

In general, the language of instruction will be German, but some courses may be offered in English. A non-German speaking appointee will be expected to be able to teach in German within two years.

The successful candidate will be offered civil servant or public sector employee status (Professorial Grade "W2").

Applications must reach the Freie Universität Berlin, Fachbereich Politik und Sozialwissenschaften, Dekanat, Ihnestraße 21, 14195 Berlin, Germany, by . Applications should include the following: a letter describing your interest in the position and pertinent experience, a curriculum vitae, the names and addresses of three referees, a list of publications, and copies of the certificates of academic qualifications held.

The Freie Universität Berlin is a state-funded university. It has some 35,000 students and 350 professors, excluding Medicine. The University has 11 departments structured into more than 70 institutes, plus the Medical Faculty Charité, made up of the former medical departments of Freie Universität and Humboldt Universität. Detailed information is available at the following web sites:, and

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