Even before the publication of our Science and Washington Post commentaries, Chris and I were asked to do a number of joint talks in various cities. As attention grew to our Framing Science thesis, we decided to formally launch a Web site devoted to the arguments raised in these articles and to other ideas that we are developing in forthcoming work.

So we're now pleased to announce a site at ScienceBlogs: "Speaking Science 2.0: The Road to 2008 and Beyond." It includes much additional information: Upcoming Events, Previous Speeches (available as Powerpoints, Audio, or Video), Articles, Media Coverage, and Further Resources.

The first of our presentations will be on May 10, 2007, at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research in Kansas City. (Details here.)

We're hitting the road to (we hope) spark a national conversation about science communication. In talking to colleagues this past weekend at Cornell University where I gave a similar talk, I'm convinced that we are at a tipping point for questioning old assumptions and trying out new ideas in this area.