On the Road: This Week at Stanford; Next Week in Boston at Northeastern University

On Friday I will be taking part in the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program at Stanford University, speaking to attendees about how the public uses science information online. Whether news, YouTube, blogs or social networking sites, what does research tell us about the best way to engage key audiences?

Sponsored by the Woods Institute for the Environment, the Leopold program "advances environmental decision-making by providing academic scientists with the skills and connections needed to be effective leaders and communicators."

Next week, on Wed. Sept. 12, I will be in Boston at Northeastern University speaking at 6pm as part of the university's series on Science, Technology, and Society. The topic will be new directions in science communication including many of the themes that readers of this blog are familiar with. Information on the location and talk is here. I am told that the room holds roughly 50 people so you may want to arrive early.

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