Jo Nesbo's Headhunters Opens in U.S. Theaters April 27

Over the past year, I've read about a half dozen of Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbo's novels. If you are heading on vacation this summer, I recommend you pick a few up at the bookstore. Now the first of his books appears in U.S. theaters with the April 27 release of the Danish film Headhunters, based on the novel by the same name.

Below is the trailer followed by theaters showing the film in the States.


  • 4/27/2012West Los Angeles, CA: The Landmark 12New York, NY: Sunshine Cinema 5New York, NY: Empire 25 Theaters
  • 5/4/2012Berkeley, CA: Shattuck Cinemas 10Encino, CA: Town Center 5Palm Desert, CA: Cinemas Palme D'Or 7Pasadena, CA: Playhouse 7 CinemasSan Diego, CA: Hillcrest CinemasSan Francisco, CA: Embarcadero Center Cinema 5Washington, DC: E Street CinemaAtlanta, GA: Midtown Art Cinemas 8Cambridge, MA: Kendall Square Cinema 9Philadelphia, PA: Ritz 5 MoviesDallas, TX: Angelika Film Center and Cafe
  • 5/11/2012Chicago, IL: Landmark's Century Centre CinemaMinneapolis, MN: Lagoon CinemaPortland, OR: Cinema 21 TheatreSeattle, WA: Varsity Theatre
  • 5/18/2012Orinda, CA: Orinda TheaterDenver, CO: Chez ArtisteIndianapolis, IN: Keystone Art Cinema 7Royal Oak, MI: Main Art TheatreUniversity City, MO: Tivoli TheatreCleveland Heights, OH: Cedar Lee Theatres
  • 5/25/2012Scottsdale, AZ: Camelview 5 TheatreTucson, AZ: The Loft Cinema
  • 6/1/2012Nashville, TN: Belcourt Theatre
  • 6/3/2012 Savannah, GA: Psychotronic Film Society of Savannah
  • 6/8/2012 Boise, ID: The Flicks 4Asheville, NC: Carolina Asheville 14
  • 6/29/2012 Columbus, OH: Gateway Film Center 8
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