AU Establishes MA Program in Political Communication

The School of Communication at American University in partnership with the School of Public Affairs has established a new 2 year MA degree program in Political Communication. The program is currently accepting applications for Fall 2010. Follow this link and see details posted below.

The joint SOC/SPA degree is one of several new programs moving forward at AU, as the university and School of Communication pursue an ambitious new strategic plan.

The Master of Arts in Political Communication is a 36 credit hour degree program combining education in political sciences and communication, blending the strategic, theoretical, and media-savvy approach of communication with the insights into government, politics, and public affairs, that are central to political science. Drawing on the strengths of the Schools of Communication and Public Affairs, this degree is designed to empower students with the knowledge and expertise from both perspectives.

"So much of American politics today is built on two essential pillars: knowing how the political system works, and appreciating the subtleties and strategies of political communication. For anyone entering politics, this is a degree that will bestow knowledge, influence, and strategic inspiration." - Lenny Steinhorn, Director of the Public Communication Program


12 Credits in Government

Govt 620 Applied Politics and Public Policy
Govt 522 Applied Political Writing
Govt 520 Advanced Studies in Campaign Management or Govt 523 The Art and Craft of Lobbying

12 Credits in Communication

Comm 640 Principles of Strategic Communication
Comm 531 Political Communication
Comm 735 Communication Theory
Comm 738 Research Methods in Communication

Capstone Course

Comm 744 Public Communication Seminar or Political Communication Seminar

3 Graduate Level Elective Courses in Government or Communication

* subject to change

Prospective students may apply through either the School of Communication or the School of Public Affairs at American University.

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