42% of Dartmouth Seniors Say They Don't Believe in God

Today I received the latest issue of Dartmouth Alumni magazine to discover inside an interesting poll of graduating seniors at my alma mater. Long branded a conservative campus--with notable right wing alumni from the 1980s including Dinesh D'Souza and Laura Ingraham--perception these days doesn't seem to fit the reality of the student body.

According to the survey, when asked "Do you believe in God?," 42% of those surveyed answered "No." When then asked "Have your religious views changed while you've been at Dartmouth?," 25% answered "Yes."

In terms of partisan identity, among seniors surveyed, 55% considered themselves to be Democrats, 31% independent, and 13% Republican.

When asked to choose among a list of issues, "What concern will be most critical to your generation?," the environment was tops at 47%, followed by Middle East relations at 22%, and social security at 13%.