Achieve Your American Dream

Why do we have a standard definition of the American Dream when everything else in our lives are customized?  Should we break down the American Dream into its components (self, career, marriage, home, children)?  Can we identify the stresses that affect these components like financial, time and social stresses?  What gives our life depth... is it happiness, financial success and achievements?  I call this structure the Matrix of Life in my book Achieve Your American Dream.

I believe that upon breaking the American Dream down into these components, you can then build it back up based on our own personal desires.  You then need to validate your desires by ensuring you have the time AND money (Allowing yourself to become emotionally excited about something that is logistically impossible will guarantee you great frustration in life).  This type of process will allow each individual to achieve their own American Dream so they can maximize their personal level of happiness and success.

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