A world without the trade/barter system, and absolutely no monetary value.

Please tell me how you think this will work if you would like.

Imagine if the world didn't follow the trade/barter system.  People just helped people with no demanding of getting something in return.  Now of course some people would abuse this policy, but that would be a longer time ago.  I believe that humanity is becoming more aware, more concsious of each other.  We are starting to realize that we live on this earth, we must protect our earth or some globally drastic could happen and we won't live anymore.  Of course that is a motivating thought process, love the earth or die, but none the less the mass of the population took it upon themselves to help oneself, to help their fellow man, and to help the planet that they live on, all for no money or anything.

 The people who are smarter in school take it upon themselves to go to college and become a brain surgeon.  Now of course being a brain surgeon is a more stressful career than a person who was naturally bigger in school and graduated to become a laborer in construction.  But with their natural born gifts they achieve to the best of their potential to help out this planet much.

Lets take this scenario in to account to better solidify the point that I am getting to, a world without trade/barter system.  The brain surgeon wakes up in the morning, goes to the store grabs the food he needs for breakfast and eats it.  Goes to his hospital to work, he puts in however many hours he wants, but he set himself a schedule with the manager of the hospital just to keep that hospital open 24 hours a day 7 days a week with their amount of staff.  On his way home he stops at the gas station and fills up his gas and maybe gets a snack.  Then when he gets home he notices that something drastic happened to his house, lets say a car crashed in to it.  So the brain surgeon pulls up a list online of general contractors and our laborer friend that he went to high school with is there.  So he calls up the laborer to fix his house and his friend says of course let me fit you in to my schedule or if he wont be able to fix it soon he will hand off the project to somebody who can do it immediately.  And the brain surgeon saved the laborers wife that day as well, but the laborer never even asked him for anything in return and doesn't even know that the brain surgeon did that today.  They all just do it to help each other.  And all of this is free, the breakfast, the gas, the hospital equipment.

 Of course people say that money motivates, that may be true with a lazier bunch of people that wish not to help one another and would rather just watch TV.  But I hope you can see that the trade/barter system made people like this, it made robbers, hitmen, divorces, most things negative you can relate to our system of trading and bartering.

So you ask for a solution to the trade/barter system.  I will suggest one, seeing as to how everything is getting more advanced, people are in more danger with "global warming", terrorism is occuring on a worldwide basis, and people are letting terrorism occur without stopping it.  A lot of people are stepping beyond all of this nonsense and are finding themselves, and once you find yourself you have found everyone...  So what if every person were to have an inner-philosopher, with inner-ethics?  Every situation that occurs in your life you respond to that with YOUR true answer, not the morals that are taught in holy texts, but what you truly think is right.  Now that is what is I call absolute free will, and to implement free will like this would be a crazy thing to do, only because we have experienced the trade/barter system our whole entire lives.

People have been corrupted by the core principal of society here on earth, it doesn't matter if you are capitalist, or a communist, you practice trading and bartering for goods.

It's late here and I'm probably rambling on so I think I am going to leave this up for discussion, so please somebody expand on this, or argue with me about the factories needed and the farms needed to support this or something like that.

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